Tool4aLLs – Toolkit on digital tools for Literacy and Language

The objective of Tool4aLLs

The objective of Tool4aLLs is to present research on the needs of operators and migrants concerning literacy and language learning. Besides, it provides literacy tools and language learning opportunities for each country in a user-friendly and innovative format.

Methodology Used

For the development of Tool4aLLs in the IntegrAction project, all partners conducted desk research in their respective countries. This research aimed to have an analysis of the linguistic and learning needs of operators and refugees. This country analysis is on refugees’ and migrants’ background and the practices and digital literacy tools in place at a national level for their literacy and linguistic skills. Country partners included in their research techniques and digital tools already used local, regional, and national levels.

A few words about IntegrAction

IntegrAction is an Erasmus+ project that promotes refugees and asylum seekers’ social and economic inclusion on a local level. It provides innovative tools that improve their linguistic, socio-professional, and entrepreneurship competencies in the new home country, thereby improving their social and employment opportunities. Subsequently, this project wants to:

  • Activate forms of lifelong learning in refugees
  • Increase the awareness of refuges of local, national and European labor market mechanisms and more significant opportunities to open their businesses
  • Increase citizens’ awareness of refugees and their problems and minimize the feeling of xenophobia.
  • Develop more effective and closer cooperation between the authorities, organizations, and institutions operating in the areas of migration and the integration process.

To study the country desk research and see the Tool4aLLs digital literacy and language learning tools visit the intellectual output.

Learn more about the IntegrAction project, its objectives, and activities on the official website.