Free event: Tools for Linguistic and Entrepreneurial Skills’ Development for Inclusion to a New Country

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is inviting you to the free IntegrAction Networking Event “Tools for Linguistic and Entrepreneurial Skills’ Development for Inclusion to a New Country”. It is a live event that will take place in STHEV in Larissa, on Wednesday 3rd, from 15:00 to 17:00 Greek time. The event is organized in terms of the European funded project “IntegrAction: Action for socio-economic integration of refugees and asylum seekers”.

Meet Integraction project

The Integraction project is an initiative for the social and economic inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the local context of reception. One of its main objectives is the improvement of the language skills of refugees and asylum seekers in order to promote the socio-economic integration process of these groups.

Also, it aims at increasing the employability of immigrants and developing their social and intercultural skills. It is an initiative conducted with the support of Erasmus+ program.

For more information about the project visit the official website of Integraction and its social media.

Content of Integraction Free Event

During the event, the Integraction project and its actions and deliverables so far will be presented. More specifically, the attendees will have the opportunity to meet and test:

  • The Transnational Report about the Digital Tools For Literacy And Strengthening Of Linguistic Skills and the “Tool4aLLs – Toolkit on digital tools for Literacy and Language proficiency” (ΙΟ1),
  • The “Immigrants in the Labour Market: a manual for entrepreneurship and business start-up” regarding the necessary skills for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers to start their own business (ΙΟ2).

The event will close with an activity based on the above Intellectual Outputs.


The event mostly addresses NGOs, Non-for profit organizations, and other associations with relevant activities.

Fill in the form here to take part in the Integraction free event.

Moreover, there will be live streaming of the event on that day.