THE FIRST CAFE’ LINGUA IN ANCONA CENTRE : towards the socio-linguistic inclusion of the migrant population

Anolf Marche ODV inaugurated on the 13th of December 2021 the first Café’ Lingua in the city of Ancona.  The location that has been chosen is strategically important since, Informagiovani in Piazza Roma, represents a central and well known information hub for youngsters and not only.

The Café’ Lingua aims at being a new  experimental activity leading towards a sustainable establishment of a  socio-cultural space to facilitate migrants’ access to Italian language studies and strengthen social connections through informal meetings with participants from the local community.

During the presentation-launch of the initiative,  ANOLF’s project coordinator has briefly presented the project’s main results and the initiative of the Café’ Lingua at European level through an introductory video prepared by Leanrmera, partner based in Finland and developer of this idea. The focus of the presentation has been directed towards the explanation of the structure of the activity, its timing, monthly programming and its volunteers’ based nature. The meetings will begin on a weekly basis every Monday starting from the 10th of January 2022 at the Youth Information Center in Ancona