IntegrAction multiplier event held in September 2021 in Helsinki

The Multiplier Event for IntegrAction project was held in Apollo Live Bar in Helsinki, Finland on 23 September. The event was planned ahead of time by inviting our contacts working with migrants, as well as migrants themselves to the event, via our networks and social media. The event was advertised on Facebook in many groups and also streamed on the IntegrAction Facebook page. Despite the strict Covid-19 restrictions in Finland, allowing a maximum of 25 people indoors at the time of the event, the event took place with nine people who were all operators working directly with migrants, either with language learning or otherwise through different organisations.


In the event, Learnmera staff held a presentation about the IntegrAction project and then introduced the language and culture café that has been running in Helsinki for a long time. The project presentation and discussion was followed by an informal café lingua, with a Finnish and English café that were running until late. During the event, we asked for the participant’s opinions and their feedback was positive and several people said they were interested in the language learning tools and the entrepreneurship guide, and would also tell about them to their clients. Learnmera has disseminated information about the project and the Multiplier Event extensively online in many Facebook groups, and will keep disseminating information throughout the project via its networks with language education providers, migrant organisations and other operators in the Helsinki area.

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