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About IntegrAction

The process of economic integration and social inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in the host countries across the EU has gained further attention in the aftermath of the recent humanitarian refugee crisis, however it remains rather slow. Refugees and asylum seekers suffer from discrimination and face obstacles such as low knowledge of the host country’s language and literacy, difficulties regarding the recognition of their qualifications and skills, and limited access to quality education systems and the job market.

IntegrAction aims at promoting the social and economic inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in the local context of reception, by providing innovative tools that improve their linguistic, socio-professional and entrepreneurship competences and by stimulating their active participation in local communities.

IntegrAction aims at:

Improving the linguistic competences of refugees and asylum seekers

in order to promote their socio-economic integration.

Increasing the employability of
refugees and asylum seekers

through the strengthening of socio-professional and entrepreneurial skills aimed at job placement, active job search and self-employment.

Increasing the social and intercultural skills of refugees and asylum seekers

by stimulating their active participation in local communities.

Raising awareness about the challenges of economic inclusion

and integration faced by refugees and asylum seekers.

Developing a more effective and closer cooperation

between authorities, organizations and institutions operating in the areas of migration and integration process.

How IntegrAction will succeed?


a toolkit for

who work with refugees and asylum seekers on digital tools for literacy and linguistic competences.


a manual for refugees
and asylum seekers

to facilitate entrepreneurship and business start-ups.


workshops on digital storytelling

for people with a migrant background and local people, on order to raise awareness about migration issues.