Outputs & results


The Toolkit will allow extending the knowledge of operators/educators who work with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers about digital tools for literacy and strengthening of linguistic skills. The operators will share with refugees and asylum seekers the use of the more appropriate digital tools in order to activate a process of life-long learning and self-learning of the host country language.

Manual to facilitate entrepreneurship and business startup

The manual is designed to become a guide for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in order to understand the steps necessary to create their own business. It will allow the self-evaluation of business competences and knowledge required to create a start-up. Moreover, the refugees will be able to understand the importance to strengthen their knowledge through the attending of training courses.

Webdoc – Migrant Diaries

This action includes the promotion of intercultural meetings between people with a migrant background and local people, in order to raise awareness on locals about the causes and motivations pushing refugees and asylum seekers to start a long and difficult migration process. At the same time, refugees and asylum seekers will understand the culture, way of thinking and common rules and values of the host country.