To facilitate entrepreneurship and business startup


This manual is a practical step by step guide to any business startup. It has been developed to support migrants, refugee and asylum seekers in developing a plan for a business idea while assessing their entrepreneurial potential. The manual includes tips on how to strengthen entrepreneurial competencies, how to legally register for a new business and how to fund it.

Additionally, it lists contacts that could be of support on how to start and/or where to get advice, support and training.


In this part of the Handbook, the current state of the labor market in every partner country is analyzed. Several professional industries are compared, and labor shortages are determined, as well as high unemployment rates. The greatest challenges which refugees and asylum seekers might encounter in every country when planning to start their own business will be investigated thoroughly along with ways and initiatives that help them to overcome them. Also, alternatives to entrepreneurship are presented for every country. The situation of the local labor market and how a successful job search can be conducted in every country are described in every country’s desk research. Based on the opportunities and the options for refugees and asylum seekers in every area, ways in which operators can support refugees in finding, even temporary, employment during the time they plan and develop their business idea are also demonstrated. Last but not least, the main problems faced by immigrants and operators during the job search and fields where they can find assistance in order to improve their skills are shared at the end of each desk research by Germany, Finland, Greece, and Italy.

MANUAL τo facilitate entrepreneurship and business startup