Toolkit on digital tools for Literacy and Language Learning

IntegrAction aims at promoting the social and economic inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in the local context of reception, by providing innovative tools that improve their linguistic, socio-professional and entrepreneurship competences in the new home country, thereby improving their social and employment opportunities. The Tools4All toolkit presents national and transnational research regarding the needs of operators and migrants in terms of literacy and language learning, as well as tools for literacy and language learning collected in all partner countries in an easy-to-use, innovative format. 

Digital Tools for Literacy and strengthening of linguistic skills: Transnational  Report
The transnational report focuses on examining the socio-linguistic background of each partner country and the needs of operators as well as migrants/ refugees and the problems they encounter in regards to literacy and language learning. The version included in here presents shortly the individual researches conducted at national level partner countries as well as the whole combined report. 

Digital Tools For Literacy and Strengthening Of Linguistic Skills: Available Digital Tools for all

The Digital Tools section offers a carefully selected range of tools available online for language learning for both migrants/refugees and operators in an easy-to-use format, providing detailed information and access to each tool through direct online links.